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About Cristal

All my life I've loved and had a strong connection with horses, all animals really. I also have a very strong connection to the plant kingdom.


In 2004 I took Bowen Therapy and Animal Bowen Therapy training and have been practicing this wonderful therapy ever since.

I discovered in 2005 that my horse Harley is a "Medicine Horse." Harley could feel in himself, where energy is not balanced. By balancing himself, Harley was able to help those in his energy field to come back in to balance.  Harley and I developed an amazing connection and I helped him facilitate his healing work.

Harley passed away in 2011 and I have continued this amazing work with other Medicine Horses. I have had several workshops at Mary's Farm & Sanctuary with Mary's horse Prince and the other horses and animals at Mary's Farm & Sanctuary. Currently I am assisting Pat Lee & her Heart horse Mr. Ed with monthly sessions at the Elk/Beaver lake ring.


I have a passion for learning about healthy eating and exercise and for being as environmentally friendly as possible with products I use in my home and on my body. 

I also have a passion for herbs, plants, trees & flowers. Oh and also Fearies :) 

I look forward to meeting with you and sharing with you.

Cristal :) 

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